Our lives are chronically overbooked, overscheduled and crazy busy. The pace and fullness of life just seems to get more intense all the time. We think we can do it all and have it all by multitasking, working harder, squeezing a few more things into our days. God offers us a different approach, a perspective on what matters and what we value. When we learn to see life through God’s eyes, we can better understand the priorities God wants for us, and learn how to lean on God to accomplish His goals, not just our own plans and desires.

We get addicted to hurrying and think our value comes from our ability to accomplish and get things done, performing harder and faster. We do better when we ask for God’s help to set our schedules and calendars, allowing time for praise, celebration and Sabbath — rest! We learn to recognize and accept the help God sends, even when it comes in a form we were not prepared for.


“Overbooked” is a worship series that begins on a three-day weekend, Memorial Weekend, and, at PVUMC, a Family Sunday. Stick with us through June 2017 to learn how to lean on God, learn to say no, let go of whatever doesn’t serve you, and set priorities. Most of all, learn to take the Sabbath, a holy day of rest, set aside for us by God himself. Be renewed, refreshed and transformed.

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