Do you feel overbooked? Overscheduled? We all long for some breathing room in our lives, some respite from the constant pace of life. Our world certainly pushes us and often, it seems, at an ever faster pace. Finding time to slow down or create some breathing room in our schedules is something most of us want. As we begin our “Overbooked” worship series, we start with wisdom from the Psalms, which acknowledges that life is too brief and frail for us all. It goes by too fast and none of us are God, that is, we don’t get to be in control of how much life we have. When we are face to face with life’s frailty, we can have many reactions, perhaps anxiety, perhaps a more faithful reflection. Some of us think on these things and develop a bucket list of things we definitely want to do or see before our time is up. That kind of list reminds us of what is important to us. Do you have a spiritual bucket list, some things you want to have happen in your faith before life is done? Sometimes people share these longings with me: a desire to read the entire Bible, to participate in a mission trip, to feel a deeper connection to God, to cultivate a stronger prayer life. I think our spiritual desires are important requests that God will always try to honor.


We’re reminded in Psalm 90 that God sees our time differently: ” a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past” (Psalm 90:4). God has a larger, eternal perspective. This Psalm includes a helpful prayer: So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart. We not only want to count our days, but make sure our days count and matter. We want our lives to matter because we are a part of something significant, something which enriches our lives and others. We want to know that our time is not simply consumed by busyness. Ultimately, we can face these large issues about our life, and where we focus our attention, time and energy as we learn to live dependent upon God, trusting in faith for the ways God can work in us and through us. Sunday, join us as we worship the God who is with us all of our days and invites us to a deeper journey of faith.


Dave Summers
Senior Pastor, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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