The Paradise Valley Police Department is using an operational model called Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) to establish effective and efficient methods for deploying law enforcement resources. The department would like your assistance to make this program a success. If you see any criminal or suspicious activity in the area, have traffic concerns, or need to share anything else that you believe will improve the safety and well-being of those living and/or working in Paradise Valley, please call 480-948-7418 for non emergencies. If you experience a life-threatening emergency or situation, dial 911.


For a more efficient use of resources in addressing traffic collisions and crime, the Paradise Valley Police Department will be using highly visible enforcement in areas where the incidences of traffic crashes and crimes overlap. Through highly visible traffic enforcement, poor driving behavior can be changed, while simultaneously creating an environment that is uncomfortable for criminals.


Drawing on the deterrent of highly visible traffic enforcement and the knowledge that crime often involves the use of motor vehicles, the goal of DDACTS is to reduce the incidence of crime, collisions, and traffic violations in Paradise Valley. DDACTS analyzes and addresses long-term crime and traffic collision trends, unlike Compstat, which is designed for short-term crime issues. Information and case studies on DDACTS are available online and have demonstrated the value of DDACTS, in crime and collision reductions.–test


The DDACTS enforcement efforts will be from June 6, 2017 to June 6, 2018 and then reassessed. Visit or read their news release at:


The PV Police Department operates a substation on the PVUMC campus, and often hosts Coffee with the Chief Open House events. the next Coffee with the Chief is Wednesday, July 5, 7:30-9 am, at the Police Department Auditorium, 6433 E Lincoln Dr, PV, AZ 85253, 480-348-3597. Neighbors are welcome to discuss topics of concern or interest, as well as get an update from the Chief. Chat with officers and command staff over a cup of coffee. Children are welcome too, and, time allowing, they can have a tour of the jail area.

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