Brian McLaren’s book, The Great Spiritual Migration: Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian, reveals how to break free of broken religious systems and embrace a new, redemptive vision where love takes center stage. This book study will help you figure out how to love like Jesus by 1) examining the two great commandments to love God and love your neighbors as yourself, 2) by freeing ourselves and our religion from the idea of a violent God and embracing a God who desires peace and finally, 3) by joining others to be God’s love in action.

Pam and Stu Selthun, who met Brian McLaren with Kim Summers and Rev. Eve Williams at Dayspring UMC last year, will lead this book study on Monday evenings, beginning Monday, September 11, and ending on November 13, 2017. Don’t worry if you’re not a big reader. Don’t worry if you can’t come every week. Come when you can, read when you can, share when you can. There are questions at the end of each chapter, and the book is divided into three sections, making it more bite-sized and easier to digest the information. This group seeks to have open discussions about how we can love our neighbors as ourselves, despite the church’s brokenness. We want to be God’s love in action by being agents for change, growing closer to Christ, and creating communiity with each other.

We will have a limited number of books available for purchase the first week of September, or you may purchase your own. It’s available on Amazon and at other online booksellers, or via Cokesbury.

Questions? Contact Pam at the church office via email or her husband, Stu Selthun, who will also be leading a 4-week Video and Discussion series with Keith Sobraske, Thursday evenings in September. Read more about Navigating Common Ground.


Watch this video to get an idea of one of the controversial ideas we’ll be discussing:

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