Our worship series for August, 2017 is called Reboot. According to Merriam-Webster, reboot can mean “to shut down and restart” or “to start anew” or “to make a fresh start.” The former defiinition is most often used when we’re talking about a computer that’s been reprogrammed, misbehaving or has had something added to make it run better, we hope, like an updated operating system. in order for it to work right, it needs to shut down first.

The second definition is closer to the idea we’ll be discussing in this sermon series. On Sunday, August 6, Senior Pastor Dave Summers focuses on the story of Moses, and how he rebooted after he murdered someone. “Overcoming a Fatal Mistake” is based on Exodus 2:11-25.

On Sunday, August 13, Rev. Andrea Andress preaches on Ruth 1:1-5, 11-14, 19-22, telling the story of how Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth, started over “After a Terrible Loss.” They had lost their husbands and left their country to return to Naomi’s hometown.

The big idea for this series is that sometimes, when life comes crashing down, we need to find a way to start over. We have done the worst, we have failed miserably, we have betrayed or forsaken those counting on us. When we feel we’ve lost everything, like Moses, we want to run. We are afraid of facing the consequences. It is only after we repent and God shows us another way that we can begin again. We can start over.

When we lose those dear to us, like Naomi, we also feel lost and abandoned. Sometimes, we don’t know where to go, or who to turn to. Sometimes, it’s easier to find our way home, back to what’s familiar to us, rather than venture into the unknown.

Biblical characters like Moses, David and Naomi had to start over and reboot their lives after a personal failure or loss. When life is disrupted this way, where do we turn to start over? How do we find the courage to begin again?

Beginning again is rarely easy, but God is the master of new beginnings, and those who allow God to keep working in them, find surprising sources of help and renewal.

On Sunday, August 20, we talk about how God makes all things new, and helps us begin again. This is our Back-to-School Blessing Sunday, when we bless the teachers and students who are beginning a new school year. Susan Brims, the East District Supervisor of the Desert Southwest Conference, joins us for worship that day, and the youth have their kick-off brunch for students and parents at 10:45 am in the Fellowship Center, right after the 9:30 am worship service.

Finally, on Sunday, August 27, Rev. Bob Stanley, PVUMC Pastor Emeritus, will give the message.

Join us this August and reboot!

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