Sometimes life comes crashing down and we have to start over. Completely over. Maybe a love relationship falls apart and we are devastated. Someone dies or gets in very serious trouble and we are left picking up the pieces. Occasionally life needs to be rebooted and, with God’s help, we can start again. It may not be easy. We may find we have to change in ways we didn’t expect. We may discover help comes to us in unanticipated ways, from unexpected places. Yet God reboots human lives all the time. We believe in a God who gives us second chances. God can take the broken pieces in us and fashion and redeem them into something new.

Sunday, August 6, we begin a worship series called “Reboot” and start by looking at the story of Moses. Here is a man raised in the lap of luxury in Pharaoh’s palace, provided with every privilege. Yet he knows he is a Hebrew. He sees and knows how his own tribe is suffering in slavery. One day, he observes an Egyptian overseer beating a Hebrew slave and Moses, in anger, kills the Egyptian. Then life falls apart. Moses has to run. But God has plans for him. God needs Moses to be a leader and wants to use his life, his experience, his familiarity with Pharaoh to ultimately free the Hebrew people. Can God use a murderer? Even after we have done the worst, God can reboot us, even after our most terrible mistakes. Sunday we worship God, who makes life work again for us, who has plans for our future and can get us moving towards God’s future.

Rev. Dr. Dave Summers
Senior Pastor, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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