I believe that God calls every one of us. Have you ever considered that? Often we’re called by God to a particular place, moment and situation, where God needs what we have to offer. Maybe it is to help with a problem, to speak a word of hope or challenge. Or to bring love that is much needed. Over the years I have known many people in church who have told me they had a strong sense of being called by God to take part in a ministry, which they found very meaningful. We begin a worship series on the prophet Elijah titled “The Called.” Elijah was an early Hebrew prophet, called by God to speak truth to powerful people, calling them and the nation to faithfulness. In that time, there was great religious competition with a fertility cult that worshipped Ba-al. That particular religion promised rain, abundant crops and harvest, which would translate to a better standard of living. It was attractive. In fact, it was a deal that was hard to resist!

Elijah had to challenge nobility, who held political and military power, which was dangerous. The stories we have of Elijah are dramatic, as he takes great risks, puts his life on the line and confronts those who desire to worship the fertility God, Ba-al. Elijah lived in turbulent times. He needed God’s presence and strength for some tough confrontations, to hold firm to his faith, to demonstrate to Israel there was only one God, Yahweh. In our own turbulent times, we can easily wonder and ask, where is God? We wonder how we can trust God. Will we have enough of what we need? When it looks like we’re at the end of our rope, what do you do? These are times we want to discover how God leads us and helps us takes the steps of faith that allows us to move forward. We’ll ask each week, where is God calling you? What does God need you to say? Where does God need you to serve or to share your faithfulness, perhaps with someone who is struggling? Perhaps it is being with someone who is feeling alone, unloved or abandoned. Perhaps it is facing a situation of racism or sexism when terrible things are being said and someone needs to say “enough!” Join us as we meet and worship the God who guided Elijah and guides us in every situation life can bring.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

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