Jesus welcomed children with his arms open wide, full of love and blessing. We value children at PVUMC and always want to be a place where children feel at home and feel the presence of God. Last Saturday, I was grateful to be part of a mission experience at Feed My Starving Children and worked with one of our elementary age children who helped with packing and weighing food. This child got to see first-hand how we help feed hungry children and what it means to work as a church team, caring for God’s children in another part of the world. We enjoyed showing and teaching her what it meant to pack food and share God’s love in this way.

On Sunday, as we celebrate our PVUMC Preschool, we will highlight our ministries to young people. Maybe you were blessed to be part of a church family as you were growing up. As a preacher’s kid, the church was not only a place to go on Sunday and other days of the week, but the church was my playground. It was a place to have fun with friends. It was a place where adults cared for me, encouraged my questions and helped me to know what it meant to have a living faith. I always want church to be a place that accepts and welcomes children, shares the love of God and helps to enlarge our love for God’s world. Jesus said we need to receive the Kingdom of God like a child would. That’s an intriguing statement. Perhaps that means to enter and welcome God’s kingdom with an open and receptive heart, a desire and a willingness to learn what God has to teach and offer us. Children expect to grow. They look forward to it. Maybe that’s what Jesus wanted from us in our attitude of faith as well. Sunday, we share our worship with our children and youth and know together the joy of God’s presence.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

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