Listening for God is tricky. Sometimes we get great reception and have a clear sense of God’s presence and God’s word for us. Other time it seems like we get just silence, which is always a bit hard to interpret. Then there are the in-between moments, when we’re sense God has a message or direction for us, to guide or help us, but it’s not exactly crystal clear. We wrap up our series on Elijah this Sunday, an early prophet (8th century B.C.E-Before the Common Era). After taking a courageous, but difficult stance against his king and queen, Elijah runs for his life. He opposes the idolatry of his time. He wants Israel to know the power and meaning of a relationship with the one, living God. Elijah ends up on the top of Mount Horeb (also known as Mount Sinai) and hides in a cave. Sometimes the pressures of life leave us wanting to withdraw in our own cave and leave the world for a while. Eventually,God finds Elijah,who is in the midst of a great storm, of wind, fire and earthquake, somewhat mirroring his life at the moment. Then comes the sound of God in sheer silence. He hears the still, small voice of God.

This is how God mostly speaks to us, in a quiet way. We’ll talk Sunday about how we listen for this quiet, inner voice and the world of difference it can make for us when we are at wit’s end. Sunday, we worship God who speaks in many ways, but can always find us. Join us as we worship expectantly for the presence, touch and voice of God to come to us.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

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