There is great satisfaction in seeing the results of your labors. Sunday will be that kind of day for us. “Change the World Day” invites us to venture out as a congregation and work in over a dozen settings around our community. We will clean, paint, garden, bake, visit and share God’s love in some very palpable ways. We’ll make care packages for the homeless, assemble Thanksgiving food boxes for the hungry and put together UMCOR (hygiene) disaster kits for places of future need. (There’s still time to give to the day; visit GIVE NOW and donate to Missions and type “Change the World Day” in the comments.)

Our vision as a church is to share a “love that crosses all barriers and embraces all people.” We’ll cross some barriers on Sunday. We’ll embrace human need in our community and know the rich blessing of giving of ourselves. For those who want to stay on campus, we’ll have many projects you can work on. Our worship begins at 9 am.  After the initial groups leave to go out in the community, we’ll have an extended prayer time for those who would like to remain behind. We’ll share in prayer for our neighbors and our world.

Before worship, we’ll have a time of fellowship from 8-9 am, with free breakfast burritos and registration outside the Fellowship Center, so please come early to get energized, fed, and support youth missions through the Paradise Perk, which will be open special hours, 8-11 am. (Please note: we’re offering breakfast instead of lunch this year.)

Dress is casual; if you have a Change the World Day T-shirt from a previous year (this is our fourth annual Change the World Day), wear it. If you don’t, check with the registration table to see if they have one for you.

So much in our world needs to change. So many places need God’s presence and help. We’re sickened and reeling from the recent violence in Texas and New York City. Jesus said that those who follow him serve God and help others. We offer the gift of ourselves this weekend, to be agents of change, and of God’s caring and healing in our world. Join us as we worship and become the hands and feet of Christ this Sunday.

Join us for Change the World Day on Sunday, November 12. Read More.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

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