A Christmas Story

by Pastor Dave Summers

Hebrews 11:1 
“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” 

Growing up, our family had a tradition established by my mother. She was a writer, creating Sunday School curriculum for the United Methodist Church and also writing religious drama. In my elementary school years, she would write each year at Christmas, a story for the three children in the family (me, my younger brother and my sister). It would be a relatively short story, but with several chapters.

Often the story would be based upon children’s stories my mother had read aloud to us, like Winnie the Pooh stories and Wind in the Willows. We looked forward each year to the gift of the story appearing under the tree. You see, it was the first Christmas present we received and opened each year.

My mom was a good writer and the stories were compelling and poignant, always a moral related to the great themes of Christmas. When the story appeared, we knew Christmas was coming soon. We would all cuddle up next to mom as she read what she had prepared for us. It was a time of knowing that home was about listening to a great story, one that drew us in, one we wanted to hear. A story we weren’t always sure how it would turn out.

Those memories are tender now. I wonder, how my mother found the time to write a story each year, while she was busy raising three children and always helping my pastor father? Yet she helped us know Christmas is also about the great story of God, the story of salvation coming to us in the birth of this child, who brings so much promise and hope to us.

We are a part of God’s story. We love to hear it, yet we are also living it this time of year. It is a story we reenact and long for as we start to hear it again. I hope you will find yourself in God’s story of Christmas and know the joy of hearing it again.

Almighty God, it is time once again to enter the story of the birth of your son. Let this be the year we are present to our role each and every day. As you walk with us, let our hearts be open to you and the grace found at Christmas. Help us to make the story real…..NOW! Amen.

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