Christmas plans can be exciting and sometimes have to change rapidly. When my kids were all teenagers, I often felt that the best way to handle the holidays was to always have a Plan B and stay flexible. This Sunday, as we talk about “Coming Home” for Christmas, we look again at how God wants to make a home in each of us this Christmas. God wants to implant the gift of hope in us. When this happens, we can live and share a faithful hope in God’s work that spills out into the world around us. This Sunday we’ll also talk about Joseph and how he handles the news of Mary’s pregnancy, his disappointment that makes him want to divorce her. God helps Joseph to move past his initial heartache, thinking that Mary has been unfaithful. Joseph hears God’s invitation to participate in this unfolding story of salvation. I like how Joseph is described as a righteous man, but he has to be faithfully flexible, holding fast to his trust in God, and allowing his faith to have a large measure of grace that helps him to change his mind and be a constructive part of God’s unfolding story. He is then able to do what God asks of him and helps God to accomplish a mighty purpose, bringing the messiah into the world. I would only imagine that Jesus learned much from a father like this.

God invites us to come home together for Christmas, here at PVUMC. Whatever else life brings, God wants a relationship with us. God has gifts to give to us. Whatever plans unfold or fall apart, God is constantly working in and around us. When our lives or the world seems so difficult, we long to know that God is so very much at work and that we can hope in what God can do. Let’s come home to that hope this Christmas, and allow it to grow in us, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sunday, we worship God, who has much joy to share with us in celebrating the arrival of the messiah.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

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