This Sunday we rejoice with the angels who came singing of God’s good news of great joy, how a savior has been born and given to us. We are invited to come to the manger and see for ourselves God’s wondrous gift. God wants us to draw near and hear the inspiring songs and story all of which brings hope to our beleaguered world.

We have been talking in these past weeks about “Coming Home” for Christmas, a journey that many of us make this time of year. Often that journey is joyous for us, as we look forward to gathering with loved ones. Sometimes, though, the reunion is not as joyous or easy. Old issues can resurface, fears and emotions appear that can make a Christmas celebration difficult. Yet God invites us to our most important home, here in God’s presence where we may worship and meet Jesus Christ, who comes as vulnerable child and gift of love. As we have shared in worship, even when our families fall short or fall apart, God is working to bring us into God’s family where love is unconditional. God brings us together and joins us in faith as a spiritual family. Here we may bring our hearts and our longings, our fears about the unknowns ahead and life, our hopes for what the new year can bring and know that God receives and welcomes every single one of us. It is God’s joy that draws us to our Christmas worship and fills us with the gift of God’s presence that can face any human frailty or heartache.

Like the wise men, let us seek to find and worship the Christ child. Let us come and receive the greatest gift of God’s love that can re-start our lives, overcome our past and give us a new ways of living. Last Sunday I quoted from New Testament scholar Susan Andrews, “The good news is that God creates us out of our history in order to re-create us for our future.” This Christmas we gather at the manger where God brings a new reality to the world, a new life in the messiah for all of us. We are offered a place at this manger where we too can be part of God’s new reality of love. All of us need this gift. Come join us for worship this Christmas Eve as we receive what we most need, what only God can give to us.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

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