Start the New Year right with worship at PVUMC. We’ll have two services at 9:30 am in the sanctuary and Ignite worship at 11 am in the chapel on New Year’s Eve morning. The latter Ignite service is our alternative service in the chapel, with music led by Director of Contemporary Worship Arts Andria Fennig. (Note: we won’t have an 8 am worship service on New Year’s Eve.) Rev. Andrea Andress will wrap up the “Coming Home” worship series with a message that recalls Dorothy’s mantra: “There’s no place like home.” We’ll also have a time of blessing for the New Year, full of hope.


New Year’s Eve morning is a Family Sunday, where we invite families to worship together with their elementary age children in lieu of classes. Pick up a praise pak for your child when you enter, and, if you have little ones, our Childcare Center will be open in G1. NEXT Sunday, January 7, 2018, we’ve invited the Wise Men to stop by the Sunday School classes, so make sure your children are there to hear the Magi’s stories about how they followed the star to see Jesus, the newborn king. Click here to read more.


Besides a visit from the wise men, which is incredible enough, Youth Ministries Director Christopher Wurpts will be preaching on Epiphany Sunday, January 7, 2018, when we kick off a new worship series called “Transformed.” Change is hard, and spiritual transformation can be complex. It rarely happens all at once. Like a caterpillar, change may come in stages. First the chrysalis forms and then, only after time, we are reborn. A butterfly emerges.

Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples, was challenged to change for the better. He learned from his mistakes. Whenever he failed, God continued to transform him in the image of Christ. Join us as we learn from Peter’s example how to be more Christ-like this new year.

See the list of sermons and scriptures for January on the Upcoming Sermons page.

Coming in February, The Good Life!

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