Coming Home: To Where Your Heart Is

Coming Home suggests first of all that we have been away. We love to travel, to go someplace new, meet new people and experience different traditions, but how wonderful it feels to return home and walk into your own place and sleep in a familiar bed. With Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, we repeat the mantra, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”


The mystery and wonder of the nativity have faded, surprises have been revealed, and we have put up or will soon be putting away Christmas decorations for one more year. We will return to the routine of waking up and going on with the mundane of our lives. It is in the day to day that we are called to a future and a hope. Let’s explore together the idea of moving on into a new adventure, a new year.


On Sunday, December 31, New Year’s Eve, we will end the old year with an anointing of healing oil for the hurts and missed opportunities of 2017, but also for the blessing of joy which may come in the New Year. Receive your blessing for a New Year filled with the awareness of God’s presence and compassionate love for all. We worship at 9:30 am in the sanctuary and 11 am in the chapel (Ignite, our contemporary service) New Year’s Eve morning.

Rev. Andrea Andress
Deacon and Director of Spiritual Formation and Discpleship
602.840.8360, Ext 142

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