Transformed: First Steps

I was recently visiting with some good friends over the holidays. Their child, Jonathan, at barely over one year old, had just learned how to walk. I’d known Jonathan since he was three weeks old, and it was a wondrous thing to watch as this tiny human – once incapable of lifting his head up on his own – scurry around the room, terrifying the pet cats. By simply learning to stand upright and put one foot in front of the other, a whole new world had opened up to him. The entire game had changed. Things would never be the same – for him or his parents.

As an adult, I don’t remember my own first steps. I do, however, remember the times in my life when in one moment, everything changed. The day I made my profession of faith in front of my entire church family. The evening that I got married. The afternoon when we packed up a trailer and moved from Iowa to Arizona. Like a toddler learning to walk, our lives are made up of defining moments that change everything for us.

Perhaps no one in the Bible knew this better than Peter. You might know the broad story: a simple fisherman called by Jesus who eventually became one of the founders of the early Christian church. But that didn’t happen overnight. No, if you look deeper, we see that Peter’s life – like ours – was a series of first steps, sometimes taking him in entirely new directions.

Our worship series this month is called “Transformed.” We’ll be looking at a few of these life-changing stories throughout Peter’s story. What does it mean for us to be, like Peter, transformed by Jesus?

I hope to see you there,


Christopher J.C. Wurpts
Director of Youth Ministries
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The Wise Men, or Magi, will be visiting the children’s classes during the 9:30 am hour. Read More.

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