On Wednesday, January 24, 6-7:30 pm in Room H1 at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, you’re invited to a presentation by Diana Brown, M.Ed, who will speak about “Caring Kids: Teaching Compassion through Conscious Discipline.”

Brown has two grown daughters and 25 years of classroom experience. More notably, her work in early childhood education and development and her passion for social and emotional learning led her to certification by Dr. Becky Bailey in Conscious Discipline®. As a Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor, Brown specializes in research-based workshops and consultation for educators, caregivers and parents.

During Brown’s evening presentation, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand the development of the “emotional” brain
  • Learn to use empathy to help children self-regulate
  • Understand the difference between noticing and judging
  • Acquire phrases and words that promote kindness
  • Recognize the value of modeling desired behaviors

Brown shares Conscious Discipline® with engaging stories and humorous observations throughout Arizona and the Southwest, and the PVUMC Preschool Board is thrilled to host her. Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., the founder of Conscious Discipline®, is a book Brown recommends. The PVUMC Preschool Office has a few copies for purchase. You may also visit any online or in-town bookseller to get a copy.

The book focuses on self-control and confidence-building for both parent and child, and Dr. Bailey teaches a series of linked skills to help families move from turmoil to tranquility:

  • 7 Powers for Self-Control to help parents model the behavior they want their kids to follow, which lead to:
  • 7 Basic Discipline Skills to help children manage sticky situations at home and school, which help children develop:
  • 7 Values for Living, such as integrity, respect, compassion, responsibility, and more.

Dr. Bailey integrates these principles in a seven-week program that gets families off to a good start, offering plenty of real-life anecdotes that illustrate her methods at work. With this inspiring and practical book in hand, you may get more out of Brown’s presentation as you continue to learn new ways of improving children’s behavior, as well as your own.

“Bailey’s underlying message is positive and hopeful, supported with humorous anecdotes and helpful solutions to even chronic discipline problems.” (Publishers Weekly)

Free, limited, quality childcare is available in the church’s on-site childcare center with a 48-hour advance reservation. Call 602-840-8360, ext 134. If you need to cancel, even at the last minute, please call the number again.


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