Transformed: Stepping Forward, Falling Back

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life, only to find yourself faltering, perhaps stumbling in the new steps you are wanting to make? It’s not at all uncommon. Most of us have the experience of trying to change habits, schedules, or behaviors, where we make progress and then fall back. We take some steps forward, then find ourselves taking a step or two back. We forget how to act or think in news ways. Or our confidence sags. Or we’re simply not sure what to do. Maybe you have had a new year’s resolution to make some changes in yourself and after only a couple of weeks you’ve discovered the challenge of trying something different. Yet scripture is clear on how God works in transformative ways with us, to help us become new and different, to renew our faith, to change our lives, to help us to live more faithfully.

In our worship series, Transformed, we’re looking at how God transformed the disciple Peter, helping him to change. Peter was a diamond in the rough, wanting eagerly to follow Jesus, but finding that his motivation often outpaced his ability to change. Often Peter was the disciple who spoke first, making big commitments to Jesus, only to find he had put his foot squarely in his mouth. Last week, we talked about how Peter tried to follow Jesus by walking on the water and, probably like all of us, began to sink. We all know that sensation. Yet as a disciple, Peter was attempting what all of us want, to live in the image of Christ. He had the advantage of walking with Jesus, listening and conversing in ways we will never quite have. Yet it was not at all easy for him or clear to him what he needed to do. When our attempts to change falter, God is with us. When we need to restart our efforts, God is there, helping us to pick up the pieces and begin anew. We want to remember that it is God who can change us. It is God who gives us a vision for how our life and faith can be. It is God who helps us to take the steps or to start again. Join us Sunday as we meet the God who can transform any human life, including ours!

Rev. Brenda Smith preaches at all three services this Sunday: 8, 9:30 and 11 am. Please be advised that the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon will affect morning travel. Read more about the road closures and please plan accordingly. Hope to see you Sunday.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131


We also kick off our Journeys small groups at PVUMC program. Come to worship and pick up your guidebook for the next stage of your journey and transformation.

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