Lenten Studies: Two Options

During the season of Lent, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church offers small group book studies through the Journeys small groups at pvumc program.

Which Way Lord? Exploring Your Life’s Purpose in the Journeys of Paul will be the focus of our worship series during the season of Lent. Renovate: Building a Life with God is another option, which the Young Adults and other groups have chosen to lead. Below are videos and summaries of each book.

Click here to read a current list of group studies offered during the season of Lent.

1) Which Way, Lord?: Exploring Your Life’s Purpose in the Journeys of Paul. Cost: $6; Author: Rob Fuquay

God created every person with a desire for meaning and purpose. Many of us wonder, How do we live the purposeful life God intends for each of us? This 6-week, church-wide series is designed to help us consider that big question. The Damascus road experience was not the only event that sent the apostle Paul on his quest. Paul traveled roughly 100,000 miles throughout the Mediterranean world to spread the Good News. When he started, he had no idea how God’s plan for him would take shape. This series helps us unpack our lives alongside Paul’s to find our purpose and passion.

Watch this video invitation to see what this study is all about:

2) Renovate: Building a Life with God. Cost: $10; Author: Jacob Armstrong

Renovating a house can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But the act of renovation can often leave the house in a state of disarray, causing stress and frustration. In the same way, God wants to renovate your life by altering the “old you” and creating a “new you” with an improved heart. It’s not going to be easy, and your life might experience some disarray, but renovating with God is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Young Adults will lead a study on Sundays at 12:30 pm in H1. It’s open to all ages and begins Sunday, February 11, 2018.

Click here for an Ebook option via Cokesbury.

Watch the 1st session to see if this Lenten book study is for you:


Please contact the church office, 602.840.8360, to purchase a book for class or personal study. A few groups meet in members’ homes.
Email andrea@pvumc.org for details.


Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, February 14

ASH WEDNESDAY marks the beginning of Lent — a time to remember Jesus in the days leading up to his death and his resurrection on Easter, which falls on April Fool’s Day this year, April 1, 2018.

On Wednesday, February 14, the clergy will offer ashes for those who would like to receive them on the bridges and walkways before the day begins. This is a special opportunity for the preschool parents, teachers and children arriving at school that day, but it is an open invitation for all.

We mark the sign of the cross on our foreheads on that day as an invitation to step into the Lenten season, experience renewal, and remember that our lives are always in God’s hands.

The church offers two worship services on Ash Wednesday, and two more opportunities to receive ashes. The service in our Chapel begins at 12 noon, and the service in the sanctuary is at 6:30 pm.


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