Which Way Lord? 

How do you know your purpose in life? It’s an important question. Sometimes that question is large and drives our vocation, our education, our pursuit of love, passion and work that will make our life meaningful. For people of faith, we also hunger to know and live out God’s purposes for us. When we live out God’s purposes, then our life is grounded in God’s will and desires for us, which makes all of life work much better. This pursuit of purpose will occupy our thoughts and worship in the weeks ahead of Lent for us. We’ll look at the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul as he sorts out his own mission and purpose and shares wisdom for all of us. Paul reoriented his understanding of faith and God’s purpose for his life after he met Jesus on the Damascus road. In fact, after his conversion, Paul has to spend time allowing God to transform his worldview. He went from being a chief persecutor of the new Christian Church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is not a change of thinking that can happen overnight. However, Paul discovered that transformation and change are guided by God and nourished by grace.

We will look at finding our purpose and meaning in life. We want to look deeply at how we become faithful servants of Jesus Christ and fully live out the purpose God has for us. We want to know our choices are moving us in the right direction. In this worship series, we will learn more about how to discern and follow God’s leading and explore the ways God can use us and our life’s experience. We’ll also talk about how we might rely more on God during times of adversity and ways to persevere with hope and faith. This Sunday we meet the God who works so personally in each one’s life and invites us to open our hearts together in worship to know and pursue God’s unique purpose for us.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602.840.8360, Ext 131

P.S. You’re invited to a church-wide Lenten study group. It’s a good way to go deeper into the season and discuss the worship themes with others. A limited number of books are available in the church office or you may purchase an ebook. Read more about the studies and discern where God is leading you.

Buy a bookWhich Way Lord? by Robert Fuquay costs $6. Renovate, which the Young Adults began following February 11, on Sundays at 12:30 pm in G2, costs $10. Look for the list of the small groups following each study in the Looking Ahead. We’ll have a list of all the groups who will participate in each study included in Sunday’s Looking Ahead.

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