Which Way Lord? 

Sometimes the places we come from can pop up in the most unexpected ways. For instance, every once in awhile I’ll catch myself saying “supper” instead of “dinner” or “pop” instead of “soda”, and I’ll realize that my midwestern background is showing through. Or whenever I see a vintage Ford Mustang out and about, I instinctively will tell whoever is with me what year it is – just as my dad did to me throughout my entire childhood. It seems that no matter how hard we might try, we can’t ever fully outrun our past. We carry these little quirks and habits with us throughout our entire lives. Perhaps this is because they were the things that shaped us into who we are today.

It can be difficult to discern what plan God has for us. With all of the distractions of life clouding our vision, the path which lies ahead of us can be hazy and unclear. But the Bible reminds us that sometimes the best way to see what is coming up is to look back at where we’ve been.

This Sunday, join us for worship at PVUMC as we continue to ask “Which Way, Lord?” We’ll be looking at how the apostle Paul’s unique cultural, educational, and religious background set him on course to be one of the most influential Christian leaders ever, as well as ways that we can use our own personal history to help determine what God has in store for us. We’ll take stock of who we are, what we’ve been given, and the call that God has placed on each of our lives.

May the God of our past and future continue to shower us with love and grace.

Christopher Wurpts
Youth Ministries Director and Candidate for Ministry

P.S. You’re invited to a church-wide Lenten study group. It’s a good way to go deeper into the season and discuss the worship themes with others. A limited number of books are available in the church office or you may purchase an ebook. Read more about the studies and discern where God is leading you.

Buy a bookWhich Way Lord? by Robert Fuquay costs $6. Renovate, which the Young Adults began following February 11, on Sundays at 12:30 pm in G2, costs $10. Look for the list of the small groups following each study in the Looking Ahead. We’ll have a list of all the groups who will participate in each study included in Sunday’s Looking Ahead.

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