On Palm Sunday, March 25, 2018, the youth of Paradise Valley United Methodist Church will host its annual Youth Mission Dinner and Auction Fundraiser.

Dinner and auction tickets will be sold on the patio after church services beginning March 4. To buy tickets online, go to GIVE NOW, choose “missions” and type “youth missions dinner” in the comments section.Tickets are $40.

If you can’t attend, consider making a donation.


Auction Items

Any gift certificate or new item (no gently used items, please) would be valued and much appreciated. Please drop off your donations before Friday, March 16.

All donations will be auctioned off at the event, so we encourage you to buy tickets and to bid. (We are not accepting any more new auction items as of March 16.

Click here for a donation form.

Click here for a donation letter to give to local businesses.

Sponsors and contributors will be listed in the evening program material and to the greatest extent possible in advance promotional materials.


2018 Youth Mission Trip to Houston: Hurricane Harvey Relief

Throughout the years, our faith community has had the privilege of sending hundreds of teenagers around the world on life-changing mission trips. In just the last few years, our youth group has gone to busy cities like Denver and San Francisco, as well as to rural areas like the Navajo reservation in Arizona, and Arkansas. In 2016, our group went to Piura, Peru. We try to offer an international youth mission trip every 4 years so our youth have at least one opportunity to experience mission outside of the USA.

These sorts of trips aren’t just about the good work we do for the communities we visit. Although that work is very important, the impact short-term mission trips have on the people who go on them is just as amazing. On every trip, youth join in on the work that God is doing through some of the amazing churches and non-profits we visit. It expands their worldview and gives us all hope for the world.

The 2018 Senior High Mission Trip to Houston, TX, July 22-27, 2018, will assist with hurricane relief, which has been ongoing after Hurricane Harvey smashed into the coast of Texas in late August 2017. The mission trip to the Houston area will focus on helping families whose homes have been flooded and left for ruin following one of the largest natural disasters in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina. This is a construction/manual labor-focused mission trip. We will be gutting homes, cleaning, framing, drywall work and more. This is an incredible opportunity for people to mobilize to help their neighbors in a time of great need when much of people once knew has been covered with flood waters and swept away.

We will be partnering with Experience Mission, a missions organization that works with local leaders to identify authentic needs within the surrounding community. We’ve worked with Experience Mission during our 2015 trip to Black Mesa, Arizona, and we found them to be a solid organization to work with.

Due to the cost of airfare and the high cost of construction materials, this year’s mission trip registration cost will be $450/person. Adults who wish to come with us will pay a higher fee. Please contact Christopher Wurpts, youth ministry director, if you are interested in participating.

This year, we expect more than 25 senior high youth in grades 8-12 to participate in the senior high mission trip.

For more information, visit www.PVUMCYouthMissionTrip.com

Watch this video from our partner, Experience Mission:

Proceeds raised at the Youth Mission Dinner and Auction will be used for youth mission and outreach events, like this mission trip, as well as for our 2018 Youth Choir Tour to Las Vegas, where the group will share their gift of music at Advent UMC and with other organizations in the area. Contact Ashley Snavley for more information about the youth choir tour.

The junior high also has planned a camp program in Glorieta, NM this summer. Contact Sam Henderson for more information about Squad 57, our middle school program.

For more information, or to donate an item, please contact:
Christopher Wurpts, Youth Ministries Director
712-348-3791 (cell); 602-840-8360, ext 147 (office)


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