Easter Flower Donations Honor Loved Ones

Every Easter, PVUMC fills the sanctuary with flowers — provided in honor and in memory of loved ones. You’re invited to purchase plants for $20/plant to express your love and appreciation and help the church defray costs of providing the plants. Sunday, March 18, 2018 is the last day to order Easter flowers in memory of or in honor of loved ones. The cost is $20/plant, and your flower dedications will be part of a special insert included in the Easter bulletins on Sunday, April 1, 2018.

Download the form, fill it out, and return it via email to betty@pvumc.org and visit GIVE NOW to make your payment (choose “Other” and include “Easter Flower Dedication” in the comments section). You may also pay with a check on Sunday or during the week, but need to include your form with the payment. The form will be included in the Sunday worship bulletin/Looking Ahead through March 18, 2018. Read more about the significance of the flowers and their colors below.

The Colors and Flowers of Easter

The colors most often associated with Easter are yellow, purple, white, green, and gold, and represent the changing colors in nature, and particularly the blooming of flowers, during springtime.

Yellow stands for the sun and its bright radiance of dawn. Purple, though often exemplifying royalty in many cultures, was belatedly imported into Christianity and our Easter tradition. In the language of religious symbols, this color signifies mourning and is associated with Lent, and the sorrow felt over Christ’s physical death on the Cross. White represents the pure divine light of God, exemplifying purity or cleanliness of heart, and joy. Green stands for nature’s perpetual renewal of itself, especially during springtime. Gold is associated with abundance, both materially and spiritually, along with the golden radiance of dawn or daybreak.

Flowers that are traditionally associated with Easter are lilies, tulips, and daffodils. These flowers grow from bulbs and are symbols of the Resurrection for many Christians throughout the world. The colorful flowers symbolize what Easter stands for today: renewal of life, seeds springing forth to new life, and transformation.

Easter is a festival of hope and renewal for us all.

Look for a patio table outside the Sanctuary and Chapel for you to place your flower orders, or simply put your form with attached payment, into the offering plate during worship.

Thank you for helping to decorate our Sanctuary for this joyous day, and for honoring your loved ones.

Chancel Flowers

Every week, we offer an opportunity to donate flowers for our chancel area in honor or in memory of someone. You may also want to lift up a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or graduation. To order flowers, please see the flower chart in the Narthex or lobby of the sanctuary. Fill in your name on a blank date. If you prefer to call, please contact Ginny Andrews at 602.996.4494. Bouquets typically cost $50 or $60 and are billed directly from the vendor we work with. You may choose to take the flowers home after the 9:30 am worship service or specify that they be delivered to one of our homebound members. Thank you for your support of the Caring Ministry of PVUMC.

Flower Delivery Ministry

On March 11, 2018, we celebrate 23 years of ministry with Fran Wardell, who has faithfully delivered flowers from our church to people who are ill, homebound or in need of some cheer. We can never replace her, but are seeking a new coordinator to continue this valuable ministry.

The volunteer coordinator’s main responsibility is to arrange for people to distribute the altar flowers, One person is assigned a specific week of the month. We also need help delivering flowers donated at Easter and Christmas.

If you would like to talk about the position of Flower Delivery Coordinator or if you would be willing and able to deliver the altar flowers once a month, please contact Rev. Andrea Andress, 602.840.8360, ext 142. Thank you for being God’s love in action!


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