Which Way Lord? Dealing with Detours

Detours are a part of life. They are seldom fun. When we get caught in a detour, we can’t help but think of getting behind in our schedule. Or sometimes we get lost since detour signs are not always clear.

Usually, we’re in a hurry and none of us really plans for a detour to happen, so there is some frustration. Our plans are set and we know where we want to be. I think of life’s detours that catch us off guard. Maybe our career goals get derailed in some way. Our hopes for love and relationships don’t unfold as we most desire. Perhaps our plans for our family end up getting sidetracked or there is a difficulty for a child or a spouse that requires much love, attention and changes our focus in life. There are also times for us when God calls us to do something that captures our attention, a place where you can give of yourself and do much good. Then we run into some barrier and we’re wondering what God had in mind. Maybe there is conflict and resistance, or our plans begin to fall apart. However, a detour is still an occasion where God can work. A detour can create an opening where God can move us to a place of need or a place where God needs us more. To be honest, these moments are usually trying. They test our patience and resolve and require us to listen to God more carefully. Sunday we worship God who can show up in any detour, can still guide us and move us forward on our journey of faith.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602-840-8360 Ext 131
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