Which Way Lord? Relying on God

Where are you, God? Ever feel that God is not paying attention to your needs? Join me Sunday as we explore times we have been invited to rely on God. I often find myself relying on the physical in front of me, along with the tried and true habits with which I have paved my path. But habits are mostly created with the intention of keeping me safe and protecting my interests. God’s Kingdom urges me to consider a broader interest, including the injunction that living a life is focused more on just me. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul and your neighbor as yourself. How do we give up relying on the things that pass in the night and instead begin trusting in an eternal God? A change of reference point may be helpful. Let’s worship together and ask guidance for how we can learn to trust in God more and more.

Rev. Andrea Andress
Deacon, Director of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
602-840-8360 Ext 142

Rev. Andrea Andress has created a CD with guided meditations. Look for copies for sale on the patio after worship this Sunday, or in Serendipities, our church gift shop, next Sunday. Pastor Andrea also recently announced her retirement. Her last Sunday preaching will be June 10, 2018. You’re invited to join us as we celebrate her 20 years of ministry at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. Read more.

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