Bishop Bob Hoshibata of the Desert Southwest Conference has announced that he will appoint Christopher Wurpts, youth ministries director, as a local pastor to our church. His appointment will begin once he completes his licensing school as a local pastor, later this summer. In making the appointment, the Bishop said that Christopher has grown not only in faith and skill but also in his call to ministry at PVUMC. His calling was affirmed by the East District Committee on Ministry at their May meeting when he was formally certified as a candidate for ministry and approved to apply for licensing school. A Local Pastor is able to perform the duties of an Elder in the United Methodist Church, but only at the church to which they have been appointed. A Local Pastor must also continue to work on completing their theological education.

Pastor Dave Summers says, “Christopher will be an Associate Pastor on the staff of our church. There are three “orders” of ministry in the UMC: Elders, ordained to Word, Sacrament, Service and Ordering the life of the church; Deacons, ordained to Word, Service, Compassion and Justice; and Local Pastors, those who answer God’s call to serve the mission of Jesus Christ through serving a local congregation in the UMC. They are not ordained but are licensed to preach and conduct worship and perform the duties of a pastor including the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, marriage and burial. The local pastor’s authority is only within the appointment setting and does not extend beyond it. A Local Pastor must also continue to complete their theological education while they are serving the church. Christopher will continue to supervise the youth ministry of PVUMC and also be responsible for the Ignite worship service and our small group ministry (Journeys).

Christopher’s appointment fulfills a need in our church. We have also identified a need for a Minister of Engagement, who will play a key role in our staff as we go forward. The Minister of Engagement will work with our ministry teams and staff on lay empowerment and building stronger volunteer capacity, leadership development for our laity and church staff, and help us to accomplish our strategic priorities to be an all-embracing, all-engaging church in the community.”

Please congratulate Christopher when you see him or send him an email at

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