PVUMC members Sally Hecht and Roanne Wallace were honored by Bishop Robert Hoshibata on Saturday, June 16 as recipients of the 2018 Bishop’s Award, presented at the Desert Southwest Annual Conference in Glendale, AZ.

The Bishop praised the two lay leaders, who were hired as consultants to help the Desert Southwest Conference with its vision, growth and vitality. Hecht and Wallace worked with Bishop Hoshibata and others in the Conference for the past two years — creating, administering and reviewing surveys; leading small group meetings, and working closely with the Conference’s convergence and implementation teams to make the Conference vision a reality.

The Bishop had discovered the talented duo when he called Senior Pastor Dave Summers to ask about the PVUMC Mission and Vision, which he had admired. Pastor Summers told the Bishop that they had been instrumental in developing the church statements and when the Bishop asked, they both agreed to help the Conference develop a new vision statement.

When they were on-stage, the Bishop asked everyone to recite the vision statement:

God calls us to be A COURAGEOUS CHURCH:
Loving like Jesus
Acting for justice
United in hope.

In accepting the award, Sally Hecht said, “This is an unbelievable surprise to us, but the best part of it was getting to know so many of you. The talent out there, the belief and the hope; we ARE a courageous church.”

Roanne Wallace echoed her remarks, saying that personally getting to know so many of the people in the Desert Southwest Conference was gratifying.

“There was so much vitality already happening, and the ideas and feedback you gave us helped us develop the vision statement, and the resources you’ll hear more about. The ripples came right from you. That was the beauty of it for us. It was a true joy throughout,” she said.

Watch the Livestream of the Saturday morning event from Annual Conference and see the award presentation beginning at 58:00 and ending at 1:06:00.

The resources Wallace mentioned are available on the Desert Southwest Conference website for churches to use to expand their ministries:

The resources include downloadable graphics, posters, sermon ideas, videos and more.

Bishop Hoshibata said, “I have always felt there is a warm, welcoming spirit in this conference. We were poised to do something incredible with God’s help.”

Congratulations, Roanne and Sally, from your church family at Paradise Valley UMC.

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