Avengers: Infinity War

We continue our worship series, “God on Film,” focused on some popular summer films and how we notice God and spiritual themes in the movies. The Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of a long string of Marvel superhero movies and this one has a huge cast. It’s certainly a film about good and evil and how we stand up to wrong in the world. Sometimes facing evil is a very personal task for us. Sometimes it is much larger. In this film, Thanos, a villain of superhuman strength, who often seems to be lurking in the background of earlier Marvel films, takes center stage as he attempts to destroy the universe. A series of battles emerges that calls upon the strength of every character.

This film reminded me that it is easy to become discouraged when we see all the evil in the world. Sometimes we’re tempted to want to throw in the towel when our faith runs headlong into difficulties or opposition. We long for a world that is more just and fair. We see the evil of inequality and wonder what to do about it. We see the terrible impact of violence and terrorism and pray for God to redeem our world and we look for concrete ways to live as peacemakers. From a faith standpoint, we can find hope, however, in knowing that God does not give up and gives us tools and strength in face of evil and difficulty.

I’ll confess I love a good action and adventure movie. I loved Black Panther and the Captain America films. For decades I’ve been a fan of Spiderman and have always identified with the slightly self-effacing Peter Parker, a hero who suffers from his own lack of confidence. We’ll talk Sunday about how God does not God give up. God’s power to fight evil is real and persistent. God’s ways of shaping hope for us when we’re in the battles of life are very real. God shares a hope that helps us to trust and know how God is still working. We also remember that God’s ways of fighting evil are not usually the way of might and strength. Join us as we worship the God of love whose ways of grace and the cross are still the most powerful response to evil in our world.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
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