Did you notice the new saguaro cactus at the east entrance of Paradise Valley United Methodist Church campus?

The local company who the church hired to handle the delicate operation was Roadrunner Cactus, who came highly recommended by another neighborhood business, Moon Valley Nursery. Roadrunner was able to safely remove the unstable and dying saguaro on the west side of the entrance and replace it with a healthy saguaro from the church campus. The workers also moved another campus saguaro to the west side of the entrance where no cactus has been for several years. New cactus lighting was added to both entrances last month to make them more visible at night.

Roadrunner Cactus left us with two instructions for the cactus:

  1. Leave the supports up for 6 to 12 months.
  2. DO NOT water the cactus. Let nature take care of the watering.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that each of the saguaros weighs about one ton?!

A special thanks to the Paradise Valley United Methodist Church Board of Trustees for approving this upgrade to the PVUMC campus. It helps to preserve its beauty and saves the church thousands in expenses by not having to purchase new cacti.

Want to know more about saguaros? Visit the Desert Botanical Gardenread their guide to saguaro care, or read literature shared on the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum website.


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