Donate to PVUMC Christmas Missions Offering

We invite you to give generously this Christmas season. At PVUMC, we have a special missions offering at Christmas to three different missions: the Wesley Community Center, which began in 1950; UMOM, the largest homeless shelter in the state; and the PVUMC Emergency Relief Fund, which helps both individuals and local organizations.

You can donate online: Click Here and choose “Christmas Missions” from the drop-down menu. There is also an option for “Christmas-General Fund.” If you would like to designate to just one or two of the missions, please type your designations in the comments section, or leave as is so we can divide your gift evenly among all three mission organizations.

The Christmas Eve bulletins will also include special offering envelopes for your Christmas offering, should you decide NOT to donate online. Look inside the pew pockets for additional offering envelopes through the end of the year.

Here are the three missions we support, with some information about how they help others in our own community:

Wesley Community Center

Wesley Community Center, Inc. (WCC) is a National Mission Institution of the United Methodist Church and a Primary Partner of the Valley of the Sun United Way. WCC provides programs and services with and among a primarily Hispanic population in south-central and west Phoenix (Maryvale) at three sites: Wesley Community & Health Center, Amigos Center, and, as of May 1, 2014, the Golden Gate Community Center. In addition to Family and Youth Services, Community Development, and Adult Education, the Health Center provides comprehensive Family Practice healthcare (insured/uninsured) with 4 full-time physicians and providers caring for 6,000 unduplicated patients annually.

UMOM/Next Step Housing

The Next Step Housing Program at UMOM New Day Centers focuses on finding affordable, permanent housing for families who have lived in the Emergency and Transitional Shelters at UMOM as well as families from the community who are at-risk for homelessness. Programs and services include assistance with housing applications, moving expenses and move-in kits.

The PVUMC Emergency Relief Fund

The PVUMC Emergency Relief Fund exists to help individuals and organizations provide services to varying populations with urgent needs. In 2017, disbursements were made to: Helping Hands for Single Moms, to provide college scholarships to moms; Justa Center, a day center for homeless near downtown Phoenix; Sojourner Center, one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States, helping nearly 10,000 individuals, mostly women and children, in the community each year; Tumbleweed Center for Youth DevelopmentMingus Camp Scholarships for children at UMOM; hurricane relief through UMCOR; grocery cards for needy youth aging out of foster care, and Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry. The Missions team anticipates additional requests from struggling individuals and organizations in 2019.


UMOM Holiday Tribute Cards

Holiday Tribute Cards from UMOM are another way to support the state’s homeless individuals and families who are served by UMOM New Day Centers. You may purchase holiday cards, which give the gift of shelter, at the church office during the week and on Sundays, December 2, 9 and 16. The cards come in different denominations and help pay for a night of shelter ($15); a day of shelter, food, and childcare for a child ($50); a week of shelter ($100); or a month of shelter ($360) for a homeless child or an adult at UMOM New Day Centers. Stop by the patio table after worship TODAY or come to the office during the week to buy a card or two to give to family and friends as we remember the birth of a child needing shelter so long ago.


May blessings be yours this Christmas season, and may you feel the joy of giving to others less fortunate at this time of year. Together, we are God’s love in action.

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