Before Rev. Andrea Andress retired, she led a magnificent church archival project to complete and fully restore the stunning hand-painted murals in room 5/6 of the Fellowship Center at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. The original murals were the creative vision of the late, legendary and longtime PVUMC member, Garry Lozier, who served as the lead artist.

We are most familiar with the biblical art and iconography created by Renaissance and Baroque artists notably through the use of frescoes, wall paintings, and canvases depicting images of allegorical, historical, and mythological themes. But don’t overlook the compelling contemporary biblical art right here at PVUMC.

The murals in room 5/6 are separated into four panels with each panel illustrating biblical stories with figures, landscapes, and symbols from the Old and New Testaments: God Speaks … Creates / God Leads / God Delivers / God Reconciles. The murals are designed to inspire an ongoing conversation through repeated viewing and interpretation of the art.

Special thanks to Velma Barder, one of the original artists, for completing and restoring the panels—and to John Monteith for designing and donating the commemorative plaque citing the names of the artists and their respective murals—and to Dan and Pat Bacon for graciously helping with repairs and painting. And lastly to Sandy Lozier and Sabrina Walters for their heartfelt guidance.

Martha Rinne—PVUMC Archives

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