We invite you to give generously to your church.

PVUMC has a 2018-2019 faith budget of $194,000 to fill over and above normal giving and we need your help to close the gap. A church member has generously offered to match up to $55,000 of faith budget contributions made during the fiscal year to make this goal more achievable. Please consider making a special gift now. Every single dollar raised will help the church fulfill its mission to be God’s love in action. Your donations will double the impact we have to be an all-embracing, all-engaging church in the community.

Can we count on you to help us reach our goal?

In October 2018, I gave a talk in worship about the importance of meeting our faith budget and likened the process of trimming the budget to trimming a rose bush. With trimming and care, it can thrive again. If you missed my talk, I’ve shared it below. It seems appropriate in this holiday season of giving.

Thank you for your generous spirit now and in the new year. — Monica Stern, Finance Ministry Team Chair

I don’t know if it comes from my Iowa roots, but I love taking care of my lawn and garden. The mindless tasks of mowing and weeding allow me quiet time for thought and prayer that is sometimes hard to get in my daily life.


I have a big, beautiful rosebush that is about 10 years old. That is, it was beautiful until this past year, when it didn’t bloom as much, looked a little yellow and also a bit scraggly. The revival of that rose bush became my mission this summer. Sure, I could have just let it wither or I could have just replaced it, but I really liked the rosebush. So, I cut it back to give it a fresh start, added soil amendments, checked the drip watering, fed it, and for good measure, dosed it several times with Miracle Grow. It is back to being the big, beautiful rosebush I knew it could be.


The church budget process this year was a lot like the care of this rose bush. A task force was formed to deal with the budget, as the projected shortfall was a very big number. Solely because of death, and family and job changes with just three of our families, we lost $131,000 of steady giving going into this fiscal year.


The task force felt strongly, that like the rosebush, we needed to focus on growth and revival and not allow our church to wither away. Focusing on growth and revival, cuts were made to select areas of the budget where we felt the funds could be used in other areas. The Ignite service, with Christopher’s leadership, was an area where budget funds were increased. Several part-time staff positions, including programs for youth and children, were included in the budget, all with a focus of growth and revival. The task force meetings were not easy. The responsibility is immense. Tough choices and a heavy dose of faith were required of all of us.


The budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, includes a faith budget of $194,000. This portion of the budget is the amount that is over and above pledges and expected non-pledge giving. Last year, our faith budget was $75,000 but you generously gave $115,000 towards the faith budget.

To manage cash flow until we can raise our faith budget, we are deferring payment of part of our apportionments to the conference each month. We will continue to defer a portion of the apportionments until we are confident that the faith budget will be met.


We ask you to be the Miracle Grow of PVUMC. The budget task force cut back, added amendments, and adjusted the budget, all with growth and revival as the ultimate goal. The last task is Miracle Grow – faith and action on the part of everyone here at PVUMC.


No gift is ever too small. Whether you make a one-time gift, or you increase your current pledge giving, or you start giving for the first time, it all will help in this communal leap of faith towards growth and revival. You can donate or increase your pledge at pvumc.org, or by filling out a pledge card or giving envelope in the pews, or by contacting Pastor Dave or Mickey Price for other options for giving. We are here to see the beautiful blooms of PVUMC now and in the times to come.


—Monica Stern, Finance Chair

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