Renewal for the New Year

If there is one favorite, continually refreshing joy as a Christian, it is God’s mercy which is new every day. (Lamentations 3:23) Whoever may be upset with me because I messed up, I do know God will forgive me when others may not or cannot. Sadly, sometimes we feel that we do not deserve forgiveness even from God. We pray but we refuse to believe we are forgiven. Even when we change our ways and never make the same mistake again (as we should), we cannot get past the incident in our hearts and minds or it is because we are reminded of it constantly in outward ways. That is not a God problem, it is our own problem, and we need God’s help to overcome it.

How does one solve the issue of getting rid of the past so you can live into the present more fully? The person with that answer would be famous for all time – very famous. Oh yeah, that would be Jesus. That’s what Jesus did. He brought healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He healed, forgave, and taught new ways to live and think that are above the law of which there are no laws.

God is about doing something new in you. There is a way forward always with Christ because it is not good to cling to the past. There is so much more to learn, to know, and ways to grow in the way God created each of us. At my mid-century age, I realize how much I still lack in knowledge both here and beyond. Life is an adventure and I want to learn and mature. The mistakes go with the journey and God knows that.

Let’s use our new year calendar cycle to renew our relationship with Christ and get rid of anything holding us back from growing and learning. Rituals can be helpful so be prepared to offer God what you need to get rid of and receive a blessing of renewal for the new year. My hope is that the sermon on Family Sunday, December 30 at 9:30 and 11 am will encourage you to live with a vibrant faith and the hope continually given to us through Christ. Happy New Year with Christ!

Rev. Brenda Smith
Office: 602-840-8360 Ext 141

“We invite you to join us on a shared journey of life and faith, open to all, regardless of age, ability, economics, color, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, politics, theology or anything else that might separate us from each other. Whoever you are and wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, you’re invited to walk with Christ in community with all of God’s children, and embrace the endless possibilities of God’s unconditional love.”

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