The Search for Happiness: The Search for True Contentment

All around me, people are making resolutions for the new year. One of my friends wants to spend more time with his friends and family. Another wants to focus on their physical health. Still another has decided that 2019 will be the year they finally learn a new language. I’m sure you or someone you know has made similar commitments for the next twelve months.

I love hearing people’s new year resolutions. It’s such an interesting glimpse into someone’s hopes and dreams for themselves. It’s as if they are revealing to us the sort of people they would like to someday be.

Most of the resolutions we make to ourselves (regardless of what time of year it is) are centered around an important theme: how can I improve the quality of my life? How can I find more fulfillment in what I do? How can I further become the person God has created me to be?

Or, put very simply:

How can I be happy?

As someone who works for a church, I encounter this question on a regular basis from all sorts of people. Sometimes they’ll outright ask me, where other times it’s the unspoken elephant in the room.

And people try all sorts of things to answer that single question. They’ll work long hours to get that promotion or buy more stuff to fill their homes. They’ll sometimes make the mistake of turning to an addiction to find that elusive happiness. It’s one of the most universally human questions we can ask ourselves.

The preaching staff here at the church has been looking forward to our upcoming worship series, The Search for Happiness, for the last few months. We’ve been looking at all sorts of resources, books, articles, and videos from a wide variety of sources to answer the question: how can any of us truly find lasting happiness? We, like you, find that the answer to that question can be tricky, and we’re excited to take this three-week journey with you all.

Why don’t you join us this Sunday morning as we search for happiness together? Better yet, perhaps you can think of someone in your life that would benefit from this sort of message – someone you could invite to come with you to worship.

Hope to see you there, maybe even with a friend.

Pastor Christopher

Christopher Wurpts
Associate Pastor of Modern Worship and Discipleship
Office: 602-840-8360 Ext 130

“We invite you to join us on a shared journey of life and faith, open to all, regardless of age, ability, economics, color, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, politics, theology or anything else that might separate us from each other. Whoever you are and wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, you’re invited to walk with Christ in community with all of God’s children, and embrace the endless possibilities of God’s unconditional love.”

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