Every March for more than a decade, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church has sent a medical mission team to rural Guatemala. This year will be their 13th year!

Last year, the team saw a hundred patients on a typical day and taught VBS to more than 100 children. They were blessed to have help from local doctors and interpreters and partnered with Project Salud y Paz. Thanks to your donations, more than 500 pairs of glasses were distributed to help those struggling with poor eyesight. From the popular sunglasses to trifocals of varying prescriptions, patients were seen and fitted with glasses which provided the best vision possible.

Read more about the team’s work in last year’s April/May 2018 issue of the Desert Scroll.

You’re invited to support the 2019 Guatemala Mission Team with a financial gift which will be used to purchase medicine and medical supplies, Bible school materials, and school supplies. All stakeholder donations are used only for these items. Each team member pays the entire cost of his or her own travel, lodging, meals, and local transportation (approximately $1,850/person).

Visit GIVE NOW at pvumc.org to donate. Choose “Missions” from the drop-down menu and include “Guatemala medical mission” in the comments. If you prefer to write a check, please make it payable to “PVUMC” and write “Guatemala Stakeholder” in the memo line. Make sure the church has your contact information, particularly your email address.

Stakeholders receive daily email updates from the team and are asked to pray for team members and the people they meet during the week, March 9-17, 2019.
While in the country, the team sets up temporary clinics in rural villages with little access to medical care. One of the services the team provides is eye care and eyeglasses, which you can help provide.

The team is collecting eyeglasses (both prescription and sunglasses) in the sanctuary and chapel on Sundays and in the church office during the week. Donated glasses are a great help to many Guatemalans who cannot afford to buy them.

In addition to health care, the team leads Vacation Bible School programs in each village and hands out school supplies, toys, and clothing.

Thank you for helping us to be God’s love in action in the world.

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