As Christians, we believe everything we have comes from God. When we give to the church, we do it out of love and gratitude. Our gifts support the ministries and mission of the church.

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church has been talking about how we have been God’s Love in Action in the past, present and future. If you missed these Sunday sermons, visit the LISTEN to previous sermons page to hear one you may have missed or all three as you ponder your pledge to PVUMC.

We have two Commitment Sundays: February 17 and 24, 2019, when you’re invited to pledge your support to the church by turning in your pledge card or pledging online.

The online pledge form is live so please PLEDGE NOW or come back to our home page before the end of the month to click on “Pledge to PVUMC.” Every gift counts, no matter how large or small. The online pledge form has a helpful table to show you monthly giving percentages based on your income. Use it as a guide and pray for God to help you discern how you can make a difference in the life and work of your church.

For three weeks, we’ve explored God’s Love in Action: Past, Present, and Future, sharing videos and stories of past members, including Charter Members, as well as perspectives from newer members. At our traditional worship services, we asked you to answer some poll questions and were excited to see the results in REAL TIME on our screens.

Here are some of the results from the “Present” and “Future” poll questions at the 8 am and 9:30 am services:
The one-word answers given to the question: “What brought you back to PVUMC after your first visit?” became word clouds.

Here are the 8 am and 9:30 responses, both of which include “friends” and “fellowship.”

We also asked where everyone was on their faith journey. Here’s what you said:

At 8 am (left) and 9:30 am (right):



For the executive summary of each worship service’s poll questions for the weeks of February 3 and 10, 2019, download the pdfs below:

Today 8 am service – 2-3-19

Today 9:30 am service – 2-3-19

Tomorrow 8 am service – 2-10-19

Tomorrow 9:30 am service – 2-10-19

When we did our survey for the past, we were going “old school” and didn’t use interactive texting technology. We hope to capture those answers in the future!

The question of generosity was raised by the psalmist, who wrote: “How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?” (Psalm 116:12, NIV). We can only find the answer in our hearts. Nothing we have is too big or grand to offer to God. No gift is too small if it represents our generous hearts, given in thoughtful prayer and sacrifice. We pray you will make it your personal goal to grow this year in your giving.

Thank you for your generous gifts to Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. Together, we are God’s love in action!

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