Peter: Opportunity in Failure

Failure is hard for any of us. Whether it happens at work, in our relationships, the things we try as leaders, it can be a difficult yet valuable lesson for us. What happens when we fail in our faith? It is always intriguing to me how the gospels show the disciples in their failure and shortcomings. They often show us how best not to be a disciple of Jesus. The Gospels give us a very honest look at those trying to be faithful who sometimes fall flat on their faces. I’m grateful for these stories since all of us make mistakes.

We’ll be looking this Sunday at Peter. He is the first disciple. He leaves everything to follow Jesus. He becomes Jesus’ right hand. He sees Jesus as the messiah and Jesus subsequently sees Peter as the “rock” on which to build the church. But a shadow of failure and cowardice looms over Peter. When Jesus is arrested, Peter follows closely to see what will happen to this man he sees as the promised one of God. Peter is put to the test, accused of being a follower of Jesus and he denies it all, turns his back on Jesus without hesitation.

We, too, will stand where Peter stood. God gives us opportunities to be faithful, to occasionally take a courageous stand for what we believe and what God wants for our world. Will we choose to do all that God has asked or will we turn away? We will talk Sunday about what happens when we fail since it is a common human experience. All of us have moments like Peter when we deny Jesus and turn our backs on what God expects from us. Fortunately, God gives us opportunities for redemption. Our failure need not be final. As Peter learns, there is a redemptive love that helps us to get back on our feet, reevaluate our commitment to faith and take the steps again to follow Jesus.

Join us Sunday as we worship the God who brings a second chance into our lives when it is most needed.

Dave Summers
Senior Pastor
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