A United Methodist General Board Of Global Ministry Missionary to Chile, John Elmore, will be visiting Paradise Valley United Methodist Church on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. You are invited to hear his presentation to the PVUMC Missions Ministry Team about his ministry to the people of Chile at 6:30 pm. The Missions Ministry Team and the church have been supporting John’s work for many years. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear about the impact of the church’s financial and prayer support for one of our UMC missionaries.

John’s project list in Chile is extensive. He works on projects throughout the country, from the northern to the southern district, in small towns and in big cities, like Valparaiso and Santiago. He shared this list of current projects:

1) Northern District of Chile-

  • Construction of a Chapel in the town of Hurra. The Methodist Church of Chile has been trying to start a Church community in this small town in the Middle of the Atacama Desert. They have the property and a building was constructed but the earthquake in 2005 completely destroyed the building. They would like to rebuild this church. Hurra is a town located 45 miles from the nearest Coastal Town of Iquique, with a population of 350.00 people.
    The population of Hurra is about 2,000.

2) Valparaiso

  • In a community called “Villa Alemana,” the people would like to build a new church. The town is located 80 miles towards the Coast from Santiago.
    The first stage of construction is done, with the foundations installed.

3) City of Santiago, Chile

  • The fourth church of Santiago, “Buen Samaritano,” is located in the community of La Cisterna. This church was built over 50 years ago. The construction was so poorly done that the roof leaks. The people would like to fix the roof and numerous other problems that have cropped up due to the original construction.

4) District William Taylor

  • The parsonage in the Talca Methodist Church is in need of reconstruction due to the Earthquake of 2010. The Church would also like to add another room to the Parsonage.

5) District Concepcion

  • The first Methodist Church of Lota includes a parsonage which was built 60 years ago out of solid materials, but the building is in bad shape and needs to be rebuilt. Lota is 25 miles from the Seaport town of Concepcion, the third largest city in all of Chile, with a population of approx. 220,700 inhabitants.

6) Southern District of Chile

  • The Methodist Church of Osorno, located in the Lake District of Chile, is a building in need of total repair.

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