Become a Legacy Society Member in 2019

On Sunday, May 5, 2019, the PVUMC Foundation is hosting its annual spring John Wesley Legacy Society Luncheon, in recognition of members of our Society members. Guest speaker, Christopher Wurpts, will talk about the changes to the Ignite service, which have been partially funded in collaboration with the PVUMC Foundation.

Each May, the PVUMC Foundation honors the legacy society members at its annual recognition lunch. It is a chance for us to celebrate and thank those members who have included the church in their estate plans or indicated future planned gifts to the church.

If you have not already done so, now is a great time to join the Legacy Society. Legacy gifts help sustain the church for generations to come. If you have added the church to your estate plan, please let us know so that we can invite you to this luncheon and add you to the Society.

Anyone, regardless of financial status, can create a legacy gift simply by naming the PVUMC Foundation on the beneficiary form of savings, checking, IRA, life insurance, or pension accounts. Other options include more complex estate planning instruments such as adding the Foundation to your will or trust. The Federal Tax ID number for the PVUMC Foundation in 86-0601887.

All of these forms of legacy giving demonstrate powerful and meaningful ways to create a legacy gift in support of causes and mission-based goals that you care about. It’s important to recognize that the long-term survival of the church depends on diversifying and strengthening revenue sources. Legacy gifts can enable our church to achieve long-term financial stability and sustainability.

If you are interested in learning more about how to leave a legacy gift to PVUMC Foundation, please contact the church office 602.840.8360 to schedule an appointment with a representative of the Foundation. We also invite you to read more about the PVUMC Foundation by clicking here.

The Foundation is fairly young, having only been in existence since 1988. The church hopes to greatly increase its endowment over time. This will allow PVUMC to make annual decisions on investing the proceeds of the funds in today’s church projects.

The John Wesley Legacy Society was created in the spring of 2016 to celebrate those who have named our church in their estate plan. All forms of legacy giving are encouraged – simple and complex – restricted or non-restricted. The Foundation gifts the earnings from the funds in a collaborative manner by partnering with other ministry teams or other entities to fund important projects that would otherwise not be funded under the church’s operating budget. Recent gifts include:

  • Spring 2014 – Partnered with Finance – Dr. Kevin Lehman
  • Fall 2015 – Partnered with Christopher Wurpts – Certificate in Youth & Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Spring 2016 – Partnered with Preschool – Family speaker, Dr. Charles Fay Love and Logic
  • Fall 2016 – Matched YA Lifegroup budget – Rev. Brande Smith
  • Winter 2017 – Partnered with PSPRC (Pastor, Staff, Parish Relations Committee) Newcomer Liaison position
  • Spring 2018 – Partnered with Paradise Perk – enhanced services
  • Fall 2018 – Partnered with Christopher Wurpts to enhance the Ignite service

The Foundation does not compete with but rather works in tandem with the Generosity Campaign. To be a member of the Legacy Society, please check the box on your Pledge card indicating that you have included PVUMC Foundation in your estate plan. Legacy gifts benefit the church now as well as help sustain it for generations to come. Be a part of the legacy, and, like John Wesley, see the world as your parish. The PVUMC Foundation Goals are closely aligned with the church’s mission and vision. Click here to read more.

Thank you for supporting PVUMC Foundation and its mission.

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