Work can often seem like a four-letter word, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many people either hate their job or simply endure it. Others become workaholics because they find their identity in a chosen occupation and exclude everything else and everyone else in their lives. Some become so obsessed with making money, that they work more and more. But what if work could be something you enjoyed and looked forward to? What if work offered possibilities to share your faith, be the hands and feet of Jesus and provided a gateway to a deeper relationship with God and others?

God has formed human beings to create, build and take care of his creation and each other. Our worship on Sundays should continue into our lives and into our work, Monday-Saturday. God may have taken off the seventh day to rest, but we’re compelled to praise God every day of the week!

If you’re struggling with how to carry your faith and worship from Sunday to Sunday every day of the week in your workplace, know that you’re not alone. We may not have answers but would love for you to join us as we wrestle with the questions.

Every Sunday in May, we’ll focus on a new topic in the worship series, “Don’t Waste Your Work,” drawing from scripture to give you guidance.

May 5 Created to Work 
Genesis 1:24-28

May 12 When the Job is Not Working Out
Gen 3:1-7, 16-19

May 19 So What Do You Do? 
2 Corinthians 5:14-21

May 26 More Than a Job
Luke 3:2-16

Our pastors put together a tongue-in-cheek video promo of the series. Watch it on our YouTube channel:

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