Don’t Waste Your Work: When the Job is Not Working Out

One of the hardest jobs is being a parent. This Sunday, we especially think about mothers, how hard they labor and how much they give of themselves. How grateful we are for a mother’s love and care. Even if we did not have a great relationship with our own mother, I’m guessing that all of us had a spiritual mother or mentor who nurtured us in important ways. As we talk in worship on the connection between our work lives and faith, we reflect on the many ways God can enter our work experience, to help us, to encourage us, to inspire us, to guide us in solving problems and deal with difficult situations. Whether you are retired, work at home, are a stay-at-home parent or work outside of home, there are times for us all when we reach our limits. Sometimes we are just fed up with what we are facing. All of us have had moments when we just wanted to quit. We need God’s help quickly. We need the wisdom and strength of God to see our way forward. Perhaps most important, in those times, we have the opportunity to trust God as our very first move. Often it’s easier to make our own decisions or just react when the stress is too high. When we can first pray or remind ourselves to trust in God’s presence and help, we are in a better position to receive what God has to offer.

I also think of the immense pressure on parents these days, on how hard it is to raise kids in our current world. Our schedules are so jam-packed, and the expectations placed on children and parents are so high. We often judge ourselves harshly. We need a measure of God’s grace, especially when we’re juggling so much or not sure we’re doing the best job. Sunday we will read a portion of the Adam and Eve story and their struggle to trust God. If you have had your own difficulties in dealing with children or grandchildren, remember, God didn’t fare so well either with his first kids. On Sunday we worship God who is our ultimate parent, whose love for us in perfect and never-ending. Come to 9:30 am for a special Mother’s Day Music Celebration and soak in the joyful sounds of our children and adults singing praise to God — mother and father to us all. Worship and music remind us of the gracious and powerful ways God is ever-present in our lives. When we gather to worship, we feel the gift of divine love, from the people around us, from the music we hear and sing, and from the divine presence of God whose spirit dwells around and within us.

Dave Summers
Senior Pastor
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