Binge Reading the Bible: The Pentateuch

Seven Sundays this summer, from July 7-August 25, 2019, we’ll follow a worship series called, Binge Reading the Bible.

This series takes its cues from our social obsession with binge-watching shows on Netflix and instead focuses on reading large chunks of the Bible all at once.

No other book has influenced our lives, our faith or our culture quite like the Bible. We use the Bible for worship, reading scripture each week as the basis for the sermon or message we hear. We use the Bible for devotional purposes looking and listening carefully for God’s guidance and words to inform our lives, our decisions, and our faith. The Bible gives us comfort and encouragement, challenge and a way to hear God speaking to our life’s issues and decisions. And we read the Bible in many different ways. Usually, in worship, we read a shorter passage and explain its meaning as part of our sermon. Sometimes we read an entire Psalm or a parable.

Have you tried to read through the entire Bible? It’s not easy. We usually get lost in the long lists of names or the pages of old laws and ceremonies from ancient times. For the next six weeks, we’ll be binge reading the Bible. We’re going to talk about large chunks of scripture and important themes that run across them. We often forget that the Bible was meant to be read out loud. When a church received a letter from the Apostle Paul, it was an exciting moment. The letter would be read to the congregation in its entirety. If it was a long letter, like 1 Corinthians or Romans, it took a while to get through it all. There were moments in biblical history when large amounts of scripture were read. Ezra & Nehemiah spent a quarter of the day (3-6 hours perhaps) and read from the Law to the people of Jerusalem after the exile (Nehemiah 8:9, 9:3). People wept because it had been so long since they had heard the word of God and what God wanted from them and for them. The Bible is unusual as a “living book” that speaks to every age. My hope is this series will enlarge your understanding of the great themes in scripture. My hope is that your own faith will be enriched from our focus on what God’s word offers to us and how it has always worked to form God’s people, across generations, across the ups and downs of life, drawing us back to God and helping us to listen for a message for our own hearts.

You’re encouraged to follow the 48-day Bible reading plan. Let the challenge begin!

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602-840-8360 Ext 131

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