On July 1, 2019, Pam Selthun resigned from her position as the marketing and communications director at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church.

Pam began her work with us on March 26, 2012, as the interim communications director following Wally Athey’s retirement from the position. In 2013, she transitioned from interim to permanent staff. She quickly learned Facebook, added Twitter in 2013 and Instagram shortly thereafter. At the same time, she began to build the church’s email database. Currently, there are more than 900 subscribers to From Paradise E-News and nearly 2,000 who receive the weekly e-news and other email communications from PVUMC.

In a recent communications survey, church members said they appreciated the weekly bulletin announcement insert, Looking Ahead, as well as the website, and the Scroll, which had been redesigned in 2016 as part of the new brand identity. In 2018, the church decided to discontinue the Desert Scroll newsletter in favor of more digital communications.

Pam has helped lead the way to move the church into the digital age with the creation of a new, mobile-optimized website, launched shortly after the brand identity refresh; provided a greater social media presence, and increased marketing efforts via digital ads on local media. The Facebook page has grown from 150 followers to more than 600 under her watch. She’s learned to navigate Facebook and Instagram and employed best practices to achieve a high ROI.

Pam has not only handled our regular, ongoing communications but has helped us many times to share urgent church news like the recent Church Council decision regarding the Reconciling Ministries Network. She also was instrumental in launching the new LGBTQ+ page under the Welcome tab on the website, highlighting the church’s commitment to inclusion. On “Big Days,” like Christmas and Easter, she helped lead the church staff to collaborate and streamline resources as well as emphasize an invitational church culture.

Minister of Engagement Lauren Coffman and Katy Engels, the church’s New Connections Director, will work with Pam during this time of transition.

We are grateful for Pam’s success to further the church’s mission and vision. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor
602-840-8360 Ext 131


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