Binge Reading the Bible: Gospels

Seven Sundays this summer, from July 7-August 25, 2019, we’ll follow a worship series called, Binge Reading the Bible.

This series takes its cues from our social obsession with binge-watching shows on Netflix and instead focuses on reading large chunks of the Bible all at once.

The Gospels share the story of Jesus’ life and ministry. They are a kind of biography, but more than just telling us what Jesus did and said, they tell us who Jesus is, the promised One of God, the messiah who most reveals God to the world. In our Binge Reading the Bible worship series we have moved through the large pieces of the Hebrew Scriptures (Pentateuch, historical books, wisdom literature, the prophets), all of which give us the important backstory for the arrival of Jesus. Jesus talks about and demonstrates what life is like in a new order, a new kingdom for our world. This is not the kingdom of Caesar, controlled by a selfish autocrat who will use violence and force to get his way. The Kingdom of God that Jesus announces works by very different rules. Here is an order where the last are first, where those who serve will be exalted and praised. Here is kingdom where outsiders who are unwanted in just about every other location in life, are fully welcomed. Jesus shows us how people who have been lost (in all the many ways that we can find ourselves lost in this life) find what they are most looking for in God. We would say that Jesus fulfills many parts of the Hebrew Scriptures, offering a grace that is forgiving, healing and life changing.

Each of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) have a slightly different view of Jesus. However, they all tell us of the words and deeds of Jesus and also emphasize his self-giving which leads to his death. But God is the one who gives life and raises Jesus to show us that abundant life, now and eternally, are offered to each of us. Join us Sunday as we taste and receive the life-giving Word of God for us and for God’s world.


You’re encouraged to follow the 48-day Bible reading plan. Start today; it’s not too late!

Dave Summers
Senior Pastor
602-840-8360 Ext 131

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