Binge Reading the Bible: Prophets

Seven Sundays this summer, from July 7-August 25, 2019, we’ll follow a worship series called, Binge Reading the Bible.

This series takes its cues from our social obsession with binge-watching shows on Netflix and instead focuses on reading large chunks of the Bible all at once.

Church family,

We’re coming up on the halfway point of our summer worship series, Binge Reading the Bible. We’ve spent the last three weeks moving through the Pentateuch, the historical books, and the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. It’s been a great way to search for the overarching themes of our scriptures.

This week, we’re finishing up our discussion of the Old Testament with a dramatic bang, because we are talking about the prophetic writings. Often times we equate words like “prophet” or “prophecy” with “fortune teller”. But the Bible uses the word a little differently. Throughout the Bible the prophets were people who were compelled by God to speak truth (God’s truth) to their communities. Sadly, it does not seem that anyone really listened to them. Some of them were killed for their message.

As we approach this weekend, I wonder: where are the places in our own lives that we need to hear the truth? Where is the injustice and oppression that cries out for justice? And, perhaps most urgent, will we be brave enough to speak out when we feel God’s holy nudge? After all, you know what they say: do a prophet’s job, expect a prophet’s reward.

Let’s work through these books together this weekend. We’ll see you this Sunday.

-Pastor Chris

You’re encouraged to follow the 48-day Bible reading plan. Start today; it’s not too late!

Christopher Wurpts
Associate Pastor of Modern Worship and Discipleship
602-840-8360 Ext 130

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