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Who We Are

At PVUMC, to fully grow into your faith is to realize Salvation. We build relationships with God and Jesus along the way, and leverage stories from the Bible to relate our faith to daily, modern life.

PVUMC embraces all ages and types of people as part of its faith family within our commitment to inclusivity. We help our church members down a path to a complete and fulfilling life, as we guide each person to engage his or her God-given abilities and share God’s love in action.

As we look to the future at PVUMC, we imagine a church that:

  • Remains spiritually alive and all-inclusive,
  • Continues to thrive and grow,
  • Embodies its core faith,
  • Empowers people in their best lives.

We bring this church to life by:

  • Helping people to know God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ,
  • Creating a community where people find meaningful relationships, shared by a common faith and desire to know and serve God.
  • Giving people the opportunity to be involved in meaningful and important ways in our community.

PVUMC’s vision and mission guides us in following these dreams for our congregation

Love that crosses all barriers and embraces all people.
Our Vision

Our Mission

Alive with the Spirit, we bring God’s Love into action by

Igniting Faith

Transforming Lives

Creating Community

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