Let Your Light Shine So Others May See!

Jesus said these words to challenge his disciples to change the world by offering the good in our hearts. It is a challenge that asks something of us.

The first day of starting something new is novel and even exciting. The second day is when the task's difficulty sets in as we are sore, tired, and susceptible to reverting to old habits.

Setting aside time, resources, and energy to bring about God's kingdom is like that. It costs something, and while everyone wants the kingdom, only some will bear the necessary sacrifice.

When we sacrifice what we have and who we think we are, we discover the joy of seeing lives changed, including ours, as a direct result of giving.

Let your light shine so that others may see!

Ask God what discipleship looks like for you. Reflect on where God is calling you to give of your time and dollars to bring about God's light.

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