Why do we have a small groups ministry?

Our Mission Statement says, “We bring God’s love into action by igniting faith, transforming lives and creating community.” Our Journeys small groups ministry is PVUMC’s approach to spiritual growth and faith formation. It is a bridge to better connect us to God and to each other as a people of faith. We hope to feed your spiritual hunger and invite you to be a part of a community who brings God’s love into action by igniting faith, transforming lives and creating community.

Why should I be part of a small group?

Everyone wants to belong. We were born to seek and create community. Jesus called people to follow him and become disciples. They were his family. When you meet traveling companions along the way as you explore, discover and connect, we hope you’ll find your community, your church family at PVUMC.


How does it work?

As with all endeavors related to our spirituality and discipleship, the first step is to wrap your efforts in prayer. Explore the path that draws you. Talk with our tour guides and group leaders to see which Journeys Small Group would be the best place for you to start. Keep an open mind and heart. If you are really stumped, consider meeting with one of our clergy members.

What if I’m new to Christianity, or this church?

Journeys small groups offerings include entry points like the pastor-led Journey of Faith class. Check the guidebook that’s published the second week in September for fall classes and the second week in January for the winter/spring classes.

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