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Pathways: Where is God leading you?

Pathways is our approach to spiritual growth and formation at PVUMC. We are all on the road to faith, and though our routes make take different turns, we can all find our way.

Pathways offers four interconnected, subtly different, yet fluid arterials that suggest where one might begin or continue a route to faith, depending upon the flow of one’s ever-changing faith journey, disposition and yearnings. If you are wondering where to begin, we invite you to take our brief assessment.

Each of us is God’s unique artful composition of interwoven heart, soul, mind and strength, each of which we have in varying degrees and intensities at different points in our life (or even in the moment!). Ask yourself: “What Pathway to Faith resonates the most with who and where I am at this very moment?”



We invite you to a Pathway where Christ can be formed in you, shaping and enriching your heart, soul and mind in the knowledge, experience and love of God. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether you are just “checking out” Christianity, or pursuing a more intentional faith, we are here to help you take your next step.

Step 1

Take the assessment. Where God is leading you today?

Step 2

If you are beginning your journey, consider taking the Journey of Faith class with our Senior Pastor to explore the pathway for you and then step into a class that will help you continue your journey.

Step 3

If you are unsure of your pathway, or have questions, talk to either Pastor Andrea or Pastor Eve.

Step 4

Continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on your current path and be open to how your journey can take you to other paths.

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