Why do we need Pathways?

Pathways is PVUMC’s approach to spiritual growth and faith formation. It is a bridge to better connect us to God and together as a people of faith. We hope to feed your spiritual hunger and invite you to be a part of a community who brings God’s love into action by igniting faith, transforming lives and creating community.

We talk about Pathways as being a discipleship model. What does that mean?

Jesus called people to follow him and become disciples. We do this more intentionally in Pathways. Jesus identified four paths (heart, soul, mind, strength) and we encourage you to step on to at least one of these to learn, grow, experience God, and work with others. Let Pathways help you take the steps to be a more devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Aren’t we already doing this?

We currently offer a listing of classes geared toward education and spirituality. What a simple list of classes misses, however, is intentionality in discipleship and community. It leaves people completely on their own. We want to encourage the entire church to make this journey.

How do I know which path to choose: Mind, Heart, Soul or Strength?

The process of disciple making is not a tidy, straight line from one path to the next, and not every experience falls neatly into one category. People can enter a path at various points and move through at their own speed and direction. What is important is that we live a more deliberate life of faith.

What if I’m interested in more than one path?

You have all parts within you, but we often favor one path over another. Discipleship encourages us to journey on all parts of the path, not just those that are more comfortable for us. We challenge you to explore them all at different times of your life. A key question is: Where is God calling you today?

How does it work?

As with all endeavors related to our spirituality and discipleship, the first step is to wrap your efforts in prayer. Explore the path that draws you. Take the Pathways assessment to see where the best place for you to start might be, keeping an open mind and heart. The results may surprise you. Finally, if you are really stumped, consider meeting with Rev. Andrea Andress or Rev. Eve Williams for further reflection.

What if I’m a beginner to intentional discipleship?

Pathways offerings are marked with levels denoting classes that would be most appropriate for beginners. Journey of Faith: An Introduction to Pathways and the Alpha Course are particularly good as entry level classes.

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